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Rently, Inc., provides an online platform that connects Partners, like Integrity Property Management, Inc. who has rental vacancies with renters seeking to rent such vacancies, who find Integrity through online advertising and as an application for mobile devices, such as cell phones. Integrity Property Management pays for use of their LockBox system, at NO COST TO OWNERS who do business with Integrity Property Management Inc. The Owner of a rental property will be able to receive a copy of the Rently “Terms of use” along with “Partners Terms of use” on request, which includes the full terms and conditions, limits of liability and exclusions of using the Lockbox system which is partly quoted below, and offered at no cost to owners as a benefit of being a client of Integrity. Hereafter, Property owner will hereafter simply be known as “owner” or “you” and Integrity Property Management, Inc. hereafter will also simply be known as “Integrity”.



  1. Continual all day and evening instant showings of owners home, including all day on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
  2. Free use of our Rently $140.00 secure lockbox for house keys, only accessible with an approved credit card on file with Rently, having visitors name, address, phone and credit card verification.
  3. Phone number for visitors to call.
  4. No more having to wait for a busy showing agent, who often does not work on evenings or weekends when most renters want to look for a new home.
  5. Free Sign, with a QR Code and full information about the home…better than a flyer, because it does not ever run out…. Like flyers do.
  6. $5,000.00 insurance rider*, for what home owner’s insurance policies may not cover, in case of any damage to an owner’s home related to usage of our Lockbox.

*Owners are asked to please review any insurance policy that they may have for their rental property carefully, and to make sure that they are familiar with and understand any exclusions to, and any deductibles that may apply for, such insurance policy, including, but not limited to, whether or not their insurance policy will cover the actions or inactions of Lockbox Visitors (and the individuals the Visitor invites to the Vacancy, if applicable) while at their vacant or occupied rental, as the case may be. Integrity and Owner both agree that rental property owner will keep a home owners policy in effect as agreed in the management contract, which will cover damages by renters and visitors as mentioned above. Any legal remedy or liability that owner may seek to obtain for any alleged damages to rental property, through actions or omissions of Integrity, Integrity/Rently or other third parties will be limited to a claim against the particular user(s) who are legally proven to have accessed the rental property, or other third parties who may have caused you harm and you agree not to attempt to impose liability on, or seek any legal remedy from Integrity/Rently or Integrity with respect to such actions or omissions. Visitors will be responsible for any damages caused as a result of visiting vacancies, including but not limited to violation of any local, state, provincial, national, or other laws or regulations, or any order of a court, including, without limitation subsequent damages and/or vandalism that may occur after a visitor viewing the property via the Integrity/Rently Lockbox system.

Steps to use a Secure Rently Lockbox –

  1. Visitor see’s our sign or advertisement and calls the Phone number listed.
  2. Operator or Agent charges .99 cents to the visitor’s card to verify it is a good card, and takes their name, address and phone number for the record.
  3. Operator then gives the visitor a onetime code* to enter and preview the home, which expires in one hour. *This triggers a text message and email message to the local Agent in charge of that listing, to alert them that someone is going into the home.
  4. Agent is then able to call the visitor later, ask how they liked the home plus answer any questions they have and offer special incentives or options to bring the tenant on board.
  5. Agent will generally go check the house to ensure it is locked and secure.

Integrity/Rently – Partner Guarantee Benefits –
Subject to the limitations, exclusions and conditions herein, Integrity/Rently, as guarantor, will guarantee payment to you up to the Guarantee Limit for Covered Losses. The Integrity/Rently Partner Guarantee is only extended to partners participating in Integrity/Rently Plus. Partners not using Integrity/Rently Plus do so at their own risk and agree to assume all liabilities that may arise. Partners listing on Integrity/Rently for free assume all liabilities that may arise as a result of showing the vacancy on Rently, including but not limited to, theft, vandalism, injury or death that may result from a showing.

For the avoidance of doubt, Covered Losses do not include loss of use of, or profit from, Covered Property. Integrity/Rently’s maximum obligation under the Integrity/Rently Partner Guarantee for Covered Losses (i) with respect to Covered Property (which is not Artwork), is the current Fair Market Value of the item(s) of such Covered Property as of the date the completed Integrity/Rently Partner Guarantee Payment Request email is filed with Integrity/Rently.
All amounts payable to you under these Integrity/Rently Partner Guarantee Terms will be made in United States dollars or its equivalent in the currency where the Covered Vacancies is located at the exchange rate applicable on the date of payment by Integrity/Rently under these Partner Guarantee Terms.

Limitations and Exclusions –

The Integrity/Rently (Partner program) Guarantee benefits described herein cover Losses only and do not cover any losses or damages related to any of the following:

  • any property which does not carry any form of primary property insurance
  • personal injuries or death caused by, or resulting from, physical losses or damages to Covered Property
  • real property, except to the extent any such real property is specifically included in the definition of Covered
  • any damage or theft that is not a result of a Integrity/Rently showing. Should somebody identify the listing as vacant because of the lockbox at the property and cause damage or theft as a result, such damage or theft is not included or covered in the plan.
  • any damage or theft caused by a party that did not register on Integrity/Rently through Automated or Controlled registration shall not be covered by the plan.

Vacancies Property –

  • personal property that is owned by a party other than the Partner and for which the
  • Partner is not legally responsible
  • cash, credit cards, debit cards, charge cards, checks, negotiable instruments, financial securities and other financial instruments and products
  • Excluded Property
  • losses or damages arising out of, or resulting from, acts of nature, including, but not limited to, earthquakes and weather-related events such as hurricanes and tornadoes
  • losses or damages arising out of, or resulting from, your acts or omissions
  • losses or damages for which you are compensated or reimbursed from a source other than Integrity/Rently including without limitation: (i) amounts received under an insurance policy, guarantee or indemnity; (ii) a security deposit; or (iii) payment directly by the Responsible Visitor or an Invitee, or other party (“Alternative Payment”)
  • Losses or damages for Covered Property located in a specific Covered Vacancies in excess of the Guarantee Limit in a consecutive twelve (12) month period

Conditions to the Integrity/Rently Partner Guarantee –

In order to be eligible to obtain payment from Integrity/Rently under these Integrity/Rently Partner
Guarantee Terms, you must comply with each of the following conditions:

  • You must file a claim with the primary insurance provider on the property. Integrity/ Rently only provides insurance secondary to uncovered primary insurance coverage.
  • You must have incurred Covered Losses at a Integrity/Rently Plus Vacancy. • You must have complied with the following safety conditions:
  • You must have used reasonable efforts in connection with the visit of the Responsible Visitor at such Covered Vacancies to comply with Integrity/Rently’s safety guidelines. Integrity/Rently requires partners to make sure there are no safety hazards for vacancies that are made available for viewing via the site or any Integrity/Rently application.
  • You must inspect the applicable Covered Vacancies prior to the Filing Deadline (defined below) to determine whether there are any physical losses or damages to any Covered Property.
  • You must use your best efforts to seek recovery from the Responsible Visitor for any Covered Losses. If you are unable to recover such Covered Losses or damages within a reasonable period, then you must seek any Alternative Payment to which you may be entitled with respect to such Covered Losses from any other person or entity.
  • You must complete and file a Integrity/Rently Partner Guarantee Payment Request with Rently by emailing within 14 days of damage.
  • For all Covered Property for which you are filing an Integrity/Rently Partner Guarantee Payment Request email in an amount greater than an aggregate value of three hundred U.S. dollars (US $300) (or its equivalent in the currency where the Covered Vacancies is located), you must file a police report listing such Covered Property and provide Integrity & Integrity/Rently with a copy of such report, certified by you as true and correct.
  • You must provide proof of claim with primary insurance provider and provide proof that primary insurance coverage does not cover damages.
  • You must provide Integrity/Rently with proof of ownership of, or legal responsibility for, the Covered Property in the form of receipts, photographs, videos or other customary forms of proof, (including, but not limited to, appraisal or valuation forms or notices addressed to you) certified by you as true and correct and reasonably acceptable to Integrity/Rently.
  • You must provide Integrity/Rently with proof of the Covered Losses certified by you as true and correct, in the form of receipts, photographs, videos or other verifiable forms of proof.
  • You must provide Integrity/Rently with all information reasonably requested by Integrity/Rently to enable it to determine the Fair Market Value or Original Cost, as applicable, with respect to Covered Property.
  • Upon Integrity/Rently’s reasonable request, and to the extent you are reasonably able to do so, you must participate in mediation or similar resolution process with the Responsible Visitor, at no cost to you, which process will be conducted by Integrity/ Rently or a third party selected by Integrity/Rently, with respect to Covered Losses for which you are requesting payment.
  • You must cooperate with Integrity/Rently, including signing any documents, and timely responding to any reasonable requests by Integrity/Rently for additional information or documentation that Integrity/Rently may require or request to process the applicable Integrity/Rently Partner Guarantee Payment Request email.

*Additional Terms & Conditions, Dispute Resolution, Arbitration Rules and Governing Law etc. is fully covered in the Rently “Terms of use” along with “Partners Terms of use” which include full terms and conditions, limits of liability and exclusions of using the Integrity supplied Lockbox system.

Cancellation of Rently Lockbox Account –
Integrity pays for use of their LockBox system, at NO COST TO OWNER you or Integrity/ Rently may, in your or our discretion and without liability to either party, with or without cause, with or without prior notice and at any time: terminate the use of this Lockbox system. Integrity will remove lockbox from the property with written notice from owner and at no cost to owner within a reasonable time limit, which will not include nighttime, weekends or holidays.